Broadband for the arctic region

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Reliable broadband services
for the Arctic region


Welcome to N66 Connect. We are fully focused on providing business and people in the Arctic with reliable broadband. Founder Jan-Olof Sänkelä and his team have unique skills in satellite communications, arctic enrichments, strategic marketing and service sales.


The Problem

In the Arctic region there are major communication problems. It is sparsely populated and because of
that there is no telecommunications network or fiber network. If we look at the area from the circle of poles (66th latitude) and up to the north pole there is communication in most places in Sweden, Finland and Norway. In most of other areas north of the 66th latitude, communication is very limited. There is some coverage through satellite up to 75th latitude, above the 75th there is no communication at all.

Access to the Internet is today a human right according to the UN. All agree upon that all industry needs Internet connection or intranet to function. Having the opportunity to communicate with others at a distance is obvious for everyone.

One major problem is security. 1000 kilometers to the nearest facility without being able to communicate would feel insecure for most of us. Then not being able to change production data or automate a monitoring process obviously entails huge challenges for the companies and organizations that operate in the area.

The challenges of reliable or lack of communication concern population, military, oil & gas companies, exploration companies, ship traffic, environmental research and the increasing tourism in the area. Our assessment is that approximately 1 million residents, at least 7 different countries´ presence and approximately 10,000 companies need help with reliable communications in the Arctic area.


Our Solution

Our solution is based on nano satellites in a polar orbit. Below are two types of satellite orbits; geostationary and polar orbit. A polar orbit means that the satellites rotate around the earth from pole to pole.
A satellite network consisting of up to 108 nano-satellite poles will be established by the company Leosat in 2018.

Together with Leosat and their satellite network, N66 Connect will deliver the service N66 Broadband Services, ie broadband service and a communications device specifically designed to work in the Arctic climate. The communications device can follow two satellites at the same time and also synchronize the signals to an uninterruptible distribution.