We connect the Arctic
with the world


The team

Jan-Olof Sänkelä

Entrepreneur with solid experience in leading production units with complex products and international market. The main area is satellite communication, with specialist knowledge in developing and constructing a variety of satellite antennas for most frequency bands. Also educates entrepreneurs in business and sales processes. Speaks fluent Swedish, English and Finnish. Has a degree in Industrial Economics. Likes math, outdoor life, exercise and socializing with family and friends.


Advisory board

Reza Emami - Professor and chair of Onboard Space Systems at Luleå Technical University. Expert in Onboard space system.

Kimmo Yliniemi - Senior Project manager at ÅF.  Expert in Artificial Intelligence and long experience in delivering complex system to demanding customers

Owe Johansson - Business consultant  with a MSc in Marketing.  20+ years of experience in Business and Management development. Expert in packaging service offerings.

Ulf Lindqvist - Brand strategist at SAMURAJ with a long track record of building the brand and strategic marketing for a number of enterprises.